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Rev7 is an agency focused on scale. We help small to mid sized agencies grow by providing lead generation, project management, production, and finance resources.

The idea for Rev7 stemmed from our own desire to build a technology business in a rural community. You can read about why we moved a tech startup from Seattle to rural South Dakota here. We realized that outside of major agency markets we’ve worked in like Minneapolis, Miami, and Seattle, there are several barriers for operators. We’ve found that access to qualified talent, lead generation, and process management to be consistent pain points. We set out to solve this, with a vision of bringing world class software development and digital marketing services to under-served markets across the United States.

Today, Rev7 is connecting the dots. We have a team of over 250 production personnel and we bring industry best practices on process and lead generation from our experience working with top agencies and tech startup companies.

Rev7 is founded by David Woodbury and Brent Rangen.


David Woodbury

David Woodbury David is a serial entrepreneur who moved his most recent tech startup Camp Native to Spearfish from Seattle, WA. Camp Native is the fastest growing reservation platform for outdoors properties in the nation. Prior to Camp Native, David started a non-profit fundraising platform that donated over 1 million meals to hunger organizations, started a wireless service provider that created over 100 jobs and generated millions in annual revenue, and is a former rescue swimmer in United States Coast Guard. David has been heavily involved in the startup community and has been through four tech accelerator programs, and has been a keynote speaker at Startup Weekend, Enterprise Rising, Silicon Alley, and the Innovation Expo.

Brent Rangen

Brent Rangen Brent is an award winning digital marketer and keynote speaker at national marketing events. Brent has 15+ years of agency experience and has been the Director of Marketing for tech startups Chewy.com, Jetsmarter, and Camp Native. He took Chewy.com from pre-revenue to over $200k/month in organic e-commerce sales in less than 18 months, was on the ground floor of jetsmarter who is now valued at $1.5B, and is a director at Camp Native who is the fastest growing reservation platform in the world for outdoors properties.